Stye Treamtent Symptoms & Causes

Stye Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Treatment & Management of Styes

Stye is a very common ailment which results in a raised, painful red bump on the eyelid. It often causes the eye to create a surplus of tears and become red or bloodshot. Individuals who have a stye on their eye commonly refer to them as pimples, cysts, or boils on their eyelid. This eye health condition very rarely affects both eyelids at the same time, and come in two forms: External Hordeolum & Internal Hordeolum.

  • External Hordeolum Stye

    External hordeolum styes are usually a result of infection on or near the outer eyelid. This can include infection on eyelash follicles, the sebaceous gland or the apocrine gland. Home remedies often include frequent warm compress application to the eye, in addition to stye management spray to clean and disinfect the glands or follicles. Avenova is the only pure hypochlorous acid spray cleared to manage stye.

  • Internal Hordeolum Stye

    Internal hordeolum styes tend to be more painful than the external stye type. Usually a result of infection on the meibomian gland (See Meibomian Gland Dysfunction -MGD), internal styes cause tears to be produced with limited or less of an oil which is critical for eye lubrication and overall eye health. Though use of warm compresses can aid in the recovery, use of gentle, safe disinfectants like Avenova

  • Over The Counter Stye Management

    Avenova: Hypochlorous Acid Stye Treament

    Avenova can manage stye symptoms with the only pure hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring substance made by your own body's white blood cells, to disinfect the eyelid and eyes. This prescription-strength product is sold over the counter and online through Amazon Prime.

Stye Symptoms & Treatment

Stye Symptoms.

Stye symptoms are rarely experienced in both eyes, simultaneously. The condition often looks like a pimple, cyst, or boil on the eyelid, and it is related to a blockage on eyelash follicles or glands - usually related to a buildup of undesirable bacteria.

- bump on eyelid
- eyelid swelling
- pressure or pain
- redness
- tender sensation
- crusting / buildup on sides eyelids
- burning
- eyelid is drooping
- itching of the eye
- blurry vision
- discharge of mucus from the eye
- light sensitivity
- tearing
- discomfort when blinking
- the feeling that there is an object in the eye

Stye Causes & Treatment Options

Stye Causes.

Many believe that tears are a simple combination of salt and water. In fact, your tears are made up of numerous parts, including oils and mucus which keep your eye moisterized & healthy. At times, the glands that produce those elements of the eye's tears can become clogged or damaged, leading to several types of ailments, including dry eye.


Stye Management.

Ranging from home remedies to OTC to prescription options, there are a variety of ways to manage your dry eye symptoms. There are those who recommend humidifiers while you sleep, applying a warm compress to your eyelids, and even cleaning eyelids with baby shampoo. At Avenova, we have the only pure hypochlorous acid to be FDA cleared. Avenova product is prescription strength and manages dry eye symptoms by targeting the root of gland blockages and bad bacteria.

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Avenova: Hypochlorous Acid Treatment

Hypochlorous Acid

Helps to manage Stye Symptoms

Avenova's hypochlorous acid is an FDA cleared product for safe, long-term use while reducing bacterial load on the lids and lashes. Avenova helps to keep your eyes healthy by managing dry eye.

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