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Blepharitis Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

Treatment & Management of Blepharitis

Blepharitis usually occurs when the oil glands located near the base of the eyelash gets blocked. When the gland gets clogged it causes an inflamation of the eye lid.

  • At Home Treatments for Blepharitis

    Most common at home care for blepharitis include: Warm Compress - Warmth applied to your eye closed to loosen the crusty deposits on the eyelids. Rinsing - Rinse eyelids with warm water and dry off with a dry clean towel.
    Cleaning the eyelids will hopefully open up the glands that are being clogged with blepharitis. Pure hypochlorous acid, like the one sold by Avenova, can stop the growth of bad bacteria that can cause blepharitis and can help with eyelid gland health. Unlike other hypochlorous acid brands, Avenova is the only bleach free product available.

  • Over The Counter Blepharitis Management

    Avenova: Hypochlorous Acid Blepharitis Treament

    Avenova uses pure hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring substance made by your own body's white blood cells, to disinfect the eyelid and eyes. This prescription-strength product is sold over the counter and online through Amazon Prime.


Blepharitis Symptoms.

Blepharitis is often a chronic condition that can be uncomfortable.

Watery Eyes
Red Eyes
Greasy Eyelids
Itchy Eyelids
Red, Swollen Eyelids
Crusted Eyelashes in the Morning
Sticking Eyelids
Light Sensitivity
Abnormal Eyelashes
Loss of Eyelashes


Blepharitis Causes.

Many believe that tears are a simple combination of salt and water. In fact, your tears are made up of numerous parts, including oils and mucus which keep your eye moisterized & healthy. At times, the glands that produce those elements of the eye's tears can become clogged or damaged, leading to several types of ailments like Blepharitis.


Blepharitis Management.

Ranging from home remedies to OTC to prescription options, there are a variety of ways to manage your blepharitis symptoms. There are those who recommend humidifiers while you sleep, applying a warm compress to your eyelids, and even cleaning eyelids with baby shampoo. At Avenova, we have the only pure hypochlorous acid to be FDA cleared. Avenova product is prescription strength and manages blepharitis symptoms by targeting the root of gland blockages and bad bacteria.

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Avenova: Hypochlorous Acid Treatment

Hypochlorous Acid

Helps to manage Dry Eye Symptoms

Avenova's hypochlorous acid is an FDA cleared product for safe, long-term use while reducing bacterial load on the lids and lashes. Avenova helps to keep your eyes healthy by managing dry eye.

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