What Can You Do About Your Dry Eyes?

Now that we know what Dry Eye is, what look like and how it’s caused the next question is how do you treat it? Unfortunately, there is no treatment for Dry Eye, however there are many steps you can take to manage the condition and improve your eyes and overall quality of life.

  • Be aware of your environment. Hot, aired environments can increase your symptoms of Dry Eyes.

  • Follow the 20,20,20 rule. During long tasks or when using digital screens take a 20 second break to look 20 feet away every 20 minutes.

  • Stop smoking or avoid smoke. Smoke can worsen your Dry Eye symptoms.

  • Clean your eyelids daily. Skin around the eyes accumulates bacteria and debris which can interfere with the meibomian glands and disrupt the tear film. An effective eyelid cleanser will clean the lids and lashes of this bacteria and debris, reducing your Dry Eye symptoms.

Your doctor can determine whether you have Evaporative Dry Eye or Aqueous Deficient Dry Eye and provide a specialized treatment plan for you.

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